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Ayurveda is a harmless side-affectless medical practice with basic concept of Kapha(cough), Vata(Gas), Pitha(Acid) it is
unbeatable clinical system. Though due to professional competition or jealousy, modern medical practices try to deny its
importance with many misconceptions, but still its importance is self-evident. Based on plants and herbs this medicine
therapy has number of herbs ,vidhara is one of the herbs ,vidhara is actually a bel fruit, from its leaves to roots, are full of
medicinal properties. The people use its fried seeds with milk for quick relief in cold, its root is a panacea for arthritis and
other pains. Regarding its quality, it is certified that if the raw meat is tied in its leaves, then the meat also gets tie again.
These right things are a living proof of the divine medicinal properties.

This drug basically works on the principle of healing wounds. The wounds are not only external but also internal in the
body which create various diseases and inflammation in the body, in addition to diseases like pus, ulcers, bruises, intestinal
wounds due to diarrhea, gynaecological disorders. Vidhyara is also very beneficial medicine in arthritis, paralysis etc.
We know that stomach diseases is root of the diseases of human being , ayurveda considers the imbalance of
Kapha(cough), Vata(Gas), Pitha(Acid) as the origin of stomach diseases. So in addition to simple stomach ailments, many
diseases are caused in the stomach which in the absence of timely treatment, gradually become the father of internal
wounds and the entire system from the intestines to the stomach becomes vulnerable, unbearable and incurable.

Just like Vidhara another medicine is Triphala made of Haritaki (Harad), Bibhitak (Baheda) and Amalaki (Amla) is also
usefull in stomach ailement. Originally in Ayurveda, Triphala is made by mixing one part Harad, two parts Baheda and three
parts Amla powder. However, some examples are also found of equal quantity of all three.
Vidhara works in healing internal wounds whereas Triphala is mainly maintaining a proportional balance of Vata and Pitta.
In stomach diseases, the combination of these two is like icing on the cake. Due to effect of Vidhara and Triphala not only
all the ailment in body controlled but also weight of the body becomes balanced.

ShriVasu's Ayurveda product Viramrit is a major effort towards public health. This medicine, based on the immortal
properties of Vidhara, also has the appropriate proportional combination of Triphala, which controls all the vata and gall
bladder diseases of the stomach. Its eliminates them and keeps the person healthy and energized. Apart from above
other medicinal are also ingredients of the medicine. These are uncommonly beneficial components in severe abdominal

Why Vidhara

In today's irregular and part-run life, along with the extra labour, the irregularity and quality of food is also becoming
dominant. Due to which, due to not taking food on time and according to physical requirement, stomach diseases as well
as moods like anxiety, anger, depression are also increasing. The only reason for this is care of the stomach and
carelessness towards health. In such a state, Viramatram is a panacea medicine as an easy and accessible treatment.

  1.  Rapid acidification, when the ratio of bile in the body decreases, the digestibility of food decreases due to which there is
    a lack of burning sensation from stomach to chest. In this case, the use of Viramrit is able to get rid of it.
  2. Due to the rapid and intense vat growth, the gas produced in the stomach causes heavy discomfort in the body. Thereare some products like these which are available in the market which produce such an accelerating effect. Vidhamrit is abest option in such a situation.
  3. Due to diseases caused in the body due to unregulated and indigestible food, inflammation occurs in the stomach whichaffects the entire nervous system. Vidhamrit provides quick relief from such marriages.
  4. Sudden belts, even the slightest feeling of vomiting is a major symptom of stomach ailement. Vidhamrit eliminates it by gradually reducing it.
  5. Obessetee is not a disease, but the symptoms of diseases, which are directly related to the stomach and digestive system. It is a proven truth that by balancing the body system of Vidhara, there are pleasant results in controlling unnecessary obesity.

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